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Manual gelatin silver prints made in enlarger, plastified (RC - resin coated) and baryta (FB - fiber based) papers.
Direct prints
Manual prints on RC paper, but without local density corrections (masks).
Manual Fine Art prints with the local corrections (masks) necessary to obtain a photograph aesthetically balanced. Baryta or plastified paper.

Manual enlargements
Dimensions (cm) Plastified pearl (RC)Gloss Baryta (FB)
10x154.00 €9.00
13x185.00 11.00
18x247.50 15.00
24x3012.00 23.00
30x4020.00 35.00
40x5035.00 60.00
50x60*45.00 80.00
60x76*80.00 130.00
76x107*120.00 190.00
100x100*160.00 260.00
Direct manual prints
Dimensions (cm)Full filmDetached
10x151.00 1.20
13x181.75 1.95

* These sizes upon prior agreement.

- Re-framing of the image or enlargement may be increased by 2.00 €.

- Prints accompanied by the author, or with specific requirements may be increased by 50% with prior agreement.

The above prices do not include VAT at the rate in force.
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